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Friday, July 4, 2014

lama tak update status so here's one , the story is like this , 

dini tereply salah satu yang budak 16 year old bash official 1d malaysian twitter tu , then seminit kemudian dini malas nak gaduh dgn dia , then i terus delete ,

eh eh tetibe dia reply , 

eh eh tetiba dia duk kata dia taknak respond lagi kat dini sebab im useless , 

eh eh tetibe dia suruh dini f**k off ,

eh eh tetibe dia duk kata dini idiot ,

eh eh bukanke tadi dia kata taknak respond lagi kat dini ?



she keeps on giving pointless and misguidance remarks to me ,

and i did tell her that i need some enlightment on what shes trying to convey ,

but then again she still continues spitting unconvenient points and i honestly dont understand what she wants actually ,

but i had to appreciate how hard she tried to make me understand how idiot i am , boy she was trying so hard hahahah

dini pun apa lagi , dah dia masuk bab bab god god, lord lord ni , tunggu apa lagi dini pun buat keluar ayat quran , surah Adz Dzariyat verse 56

tak pernah rasa seberani ini hahahahahahahhhahahahahahaha

dia christian ke jewish ke hamende pun dini tak tahu hahaha

tapi memang mencabar gila la nak susun ayat cause i had to be very careful as she before had been bashing and showing off to people how good her english is , i cant deny it , its quite good though ,

but you know , when its not the time for her to soften a bit of her heart , even the mightiest person on the planet couldnt if Allah didnt say so ,

and i found it quite pathetic talking to her so i gave her a bloody long advice , depends on her to take it or not , and thats when the quran verse popped out hahahahaha

even though my mind cannot reach what Allah knows the condition of her heart after my log speech to her , well at least i tried dakwah dia hahahahah ,

and deep in my heart , i hope one day Allah'll open up the doors of her heart and fall for how peaceful and beautiful Islam is

and with that i end my report with ASSALAAAMUALAIKUM HAHAHA

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Maybe Its The Way She Walked

Maybe Its The Way She Walked